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(Last Update March 7, 2012)

Black Fog was an attempt at an adventure comic about a ghost and his (living) brother.
It started with a prologue about how the ghost became a ghost in the first place.
I drew a lot more than the eight pages here, but this is the only part I really liked much
and anyway it was canned well before it hit the finished stage.
Only a few of the pages have full tones and shading.

Eight Pages of Black Fog from 2009

Goblin is a fairytale I started in 2008 (I think) drawing on huge sheets of paper
that proved to be a major pain in the ass to scan. I don't know if that is what stalled me out or if
I just moved on to something I liked better. But I found the pages in my art morgue and scanned them.
If you can't stand the fact that it has no ending, skip this and go to the next.
Otherwise, I think it has some neat elements, and shows my general distrust of fantasy tropes
like good little girls, nice fairies and snow.
OK, It may have been just an excuse to draw a manly antihero, a cute goblin and lots of trees...

Three pages of Goblin from late 2008

Nowhere is a place'is a story I wrote and drew out as a long form comic in 2008.
Somewhere along the line, I decided that what I really wanted to to do was rewrite and redraw the thing.
This was after I had finished it. You can see that I was still shaking off the aesthetics of toy design
(oversized heads, cute kids, etc). I more or less taught myself how to do a comic in the course of it.
Please don't judge me. I still like the story, but I'm pretty sure it will be a while before I revisit even
the rewritten version. So here I present to you both the preview sample of new, improved art
(incomplete) and the original version (completed), warts and all

Complete story as finished in 2007/08 (pages 1-9 loaded so far)


Preview Art from late 2008



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